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Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are the UK’s most prestigious firm of specialists defending drivers nationwide for drink driving offences, drug driving offences, dangerous driving, speeding tickets, penalty points totting up and all UK traffic and motoring offences. If you are facing prosecution for a motoring offence, your attendance at court* may be a mandatory requirement, particularly for dangerous driving and drink driving offences.

Our values are different from most motoring solicitors. We want you to walk into the courtroom with confidence that your fate is in the hands of the right driving offence solicitors. More importantly, we want you to leave the courtroom with an indescribable feeling of relief, not just because the case is over but also because you get to keep your driving licence!

Rather than focus on your motoring offence problems, we find solutions. The testimonial from our client, Yanni says it all. However, to see this feeling of relief our clients frequently feel, take a look at the video recorded live of Mr. Brian Wiltshire leaving court after our lawyers successfully appealed against his speeding ticket. If you want to feel like Brian did, give us a call on Freephone 08000 85 27 84 and we will discuss your driving defence options free of charge.

We have included many unique features on our website as we believe that providing free information to prospective clients enables you to understand the full consequences of the charge(s) you face and whether or not you need to engage expert motoring law solicitors to help you. Whether you are faced with a drink driving charge or a speeding offence we urge you to take a look at the following pages:

Browse away on our site by all means but nothing beats speaking to a lawyer at the firm. Many people who get in touch with us report feeling immediate relief once they have spoken to us about their options.

*Attendance at court is not always mandatory in speeding, fail to furnish, mobile phone and other less serious offences.

Geoffrey Miller Solicitors

Jeanette Miller

Managing Director of Geoffrey Miller Solicitors,

Miss Justice

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We find that clients who have received our details via a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance feel far more at ease in placing their case (and fate) in our hands than those clients who have found us on the internet. We have therefore come up with a system which is the nearest way of you receiving a completely independent review of the firm , our service and expertise.

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drink driving solicitors

Another Licence Saved

At Geoffrey Miller Solicitors, we believe it is essential that we track and use our data to help achieve our clients’ objectives. We have saved the licence of thousands of motorists since the firm’s inception in 2000. If you want to read about our cases, we have an entire page on this website dedicated to our business data and case studies.

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Do you want to talk to solicitors who have won 92% of the drink and drug driving related trials we defended in 2014? For more details of our drink driving successes please check out our results page.

This may be the first time you have been faced with any kind of prosecution and we understand how you probably feel right now. Please get in touch with our team of expert drink driving solicitors for a free consultation…

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drink driving solicitors
drink driving solicitors
92 percent success rate drink and drug related offences 2014
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Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are the brain surgeons of drink driving law in the UK! Call us now to see how we can save you from the extreme hardship a failure to provide a specimen conviction can cause.


At Geoffrey Miller Solicitors we win the majority of the driving offence cases we that defend. When you need an expert Solicitor to help you with a Failure to Provide a Specimen Offence call our Solicitors on Freephone 08000 85 27 84.

Even if you are tee total and never drink alcohol, without expert legal representation you could be convicted of the drink driving related offence of failing to provide a specimen to the police…

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We all feel a bit under the weather from time to time but it is quite possible that your valiant efforts to drive to work when “drugged up” on certain legal drugs or medicines could lead to you being prosecuted and convicted with a criminal record!  It is also clearly an offence to be under the influence of any illegal drugs so that you are driving whilst unfit.

An allegation of driving whilst unfit under the influence of drugs can be brought if the Police have reason to believe that you were driving a motor vehicle on a road or in a public place after consuming drugs…

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drug driving solicitors
To secure a conviction, the Crown must prove:

1. That a person was unfit to drive

2. Through drugs; and

3. His driving was impaired

drink driving solicitors

Take a look at this live footage taken from ITV’s documentary “Driving Me Crazy” showing our client, Brian Wiltshire walking out of Preston Crown Court after securing a victory in appeal against a speeding conviction. This could be you…


Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are expert speeding offence solicitors and are usually contacted when drivers are accused of higher level speeding offences. We are often approached when drivers are potentially facing a totting up ban because they have attracted too many speeding points. In many cases Managing Director, Jeanette Miller, aka Miss Justice is the first person a motorist thinks to turn to where there is a point of principle involved in a speeding ticket case and our client is adamant they were NOT speeding…

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Under present law, a minor breach of the Highway Code could be perceived by a court to amount to the offence of careless driving or driving without due care. There is no set list of what driving errors or manoeuvres would land you in the dock with a prosecution for a driving without due care offence.

An allegation of careless driving, also known as driving without due care and attention, can only succeed if the prosecution prove that:

careless-icon-small1. Your driving fell below the standard expected of a competent driver; or

careless-icon-small2. That you did not show reasonable consideration for other pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

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careless driving solicitors
The definitions opposite are open to interpretation. As explained by Jeanette Miller in this BBC Breakfast interview from June 2012.
dangerous driving solicitors
Examples of dangerous driving cases we have been involved in are:

Driving aggressively or racing

Overtaking in an unsafe manner – particularly undertaking

Knowingly driving an unsafe vehicle

Being distracted whilst driving e.g. reading a map, smoking, eating, drinking

Driving using a mobile phone or using an mp3 player;

Causing injury to others; and

Ignoring traffic signs or signals


At Geoffrey Miller Solicitors we know that people facing dangerous driving offences are scared of the possible penalties that a dangerous driving charge carries. There’s no need for you to go through this alone, you can discuss your options free of change with an expert solicitor that specialises in dangerous driving offences by calling 08000 85 27 84 today.

Dangerous driving is a serious motoring offence and the penalties for dangerous driving are very severe with a prison sentence being a real possibility. However, when you call our solicitors we can guide you through your options free of charge…

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I would strongly recommend anyone facing a motoring prosecution to call Jeanette Miller of Geoffrey Miller Solicitors. I have dealt with Jeanette and other members of the firm over the last few years for cases involving my close family and can say without doubt the team there are true professionals…Alan Hansen
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This was the first time I used Geoffrey Miller. I had 12 points on my license and was facing a ban. I panicked and did nothing about it until 48 hours before the court case, when I found them on Google. After contacting Geoffrey Millers, was immediately reassured and taken…Wendy Allen
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At first I was apprehensive about arguing my case of drink driving, as anyone can imagine, its a scary situation to be in, with intimidating police officers and the whole “arrest and charge” experience. But I’m so glad I used geoffrey miller solicitors to fight my case…Mr J Vasan
motor offence testimonial


I have known Geoffrey Miller on a personal level for a number of years. Geoff has represented me in connection with a couple of minor motoring matters since the advent of speed cameras across the country. It gives me great peace of mind to know that with the help of the experts…Viv Anderson
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The Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines is a tool used by the Magistrates to decide on penalty. Try our drink driving penalty calculator or our speeding penalty calculator to give you a rough idea of the penalty you could incur…

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The Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines is a tool used by the Magistrates to decide on penalty. Try our drink driving penalty calculator or our speeding penalty calculator to give you a rough idea of the penalty you could incur…

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We have developed a number of pricing structures to suit clients on most income levels. To some clients minimising the level of their legal costs is as important as achieving your objective with an acquittal or damage limitation on penalty…

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