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We are Drink Driving Solicitors with specialist experience defending drink driving breath test cases. Even if you think you are guilty of the drink driving offence, it is very likely there will be a valid and lawful defence to the drink drive charge. Our drink driving solicitors will be able help you.

From 1st January 2015 until 20th December 2018

We have dealt with 286 drink driving breath cases to conclusion.

  • We WON 80% of our Drink Driving Breath cases!†

229 of our 286 clients who entrusted their breath drink driving related defence with us achieved their objectives of keeping their licence and the record clear of a criminal conviction.

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You may assume or have been told that defending a drink driving blood test case is futile and be resigned to accepting the charge and all of the consequences that follow. Whether you risk the loss of your livelihood, home or freedom, we urge you not to give up as we are likely to have the solution to resolve the nightmare you face. As you will see from our results, our offering to secure the contrary position is something we urge you to seriously consider.

From 1st January 2015 until 20th December 2018

We defended a total of 133 blood drink and drug driving cases to conclusion.

  • We WON 99% of our Drink Driving Blood cases!†
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Drink driving urine test cases are the least common of all types of drink driving charges. Maybe this is because the process of collecting a urine sample is lengthy and in some respects more work for the officer conducting the procedure. Because the procedure is not frequently carried out by police officers, their propensity to get things wrong is extremely high.  This, in turn, works in our clients’ favour. Whilst we can never guarantee a successful defence to any charge, our involvement in drink driving urine test cases has led to our winning 100% of our urine drink drive cases we dealt with until conclusion since 2012.

From 1st January 2012 until 20th December 2018

  • We WON 100% of our Drink Driving Urine Test cases!†
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You may think that “sleeping it off” in your car is a perfectly legal thing to do but you could face a serious prosecution of being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle. The good news is that the drunk in charge offence is not as serious as the related offence of drink driving and there is no mandatory 12 month ban although a ban it’s not out of the question for this offence. There is a fairly significant mandatory minimum penalty of 10 penalty points which, if convicted, could lead you to being banned under the “totting up” procedures if you have 3 points or more already on your licence.

From 1st January 2015 until 20th December 2018

  • WON 86% of our Alcohol and Drug related cases overall!

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†Figures include successful appeals and exclude cases lost that are the subject of appeal as at 20th December 2018.

What our drink driving solicitors can do for you

Our Drink Driving Solicitors have specialist experience defending all types of drink driving offences. Geoffrey Miller Solicitors success rates are very high. We have highly skilled professional drink driving solicitors. Even if you think you are guilty of the drink driving offence. It is very likely there will be a valid and lawful defence to the drink drive charge. The drink driving solicitors here will be able help you. Do not mistakenly assume that your only option is to plead guilty and accept the driving ban.

Is the first time you are facing a drink driving prosecution? We understand how you probably feel right now. Geoffrey Miller solicitors are the UK’s most well respected specialist drink driving solicitors. With particular expertise in drink driving cases involving drink driving breath test, drink driving blood test, drink driving urine test, drunk in charge and failing to provide a specimen cases. We have expert knowledge of any of the three breathalysers in use across the country’s police stations. Did the police offer you printout details of the drink driving device used to breathalysed you? The Lion Intoxilyser 6000 UK or the Camic Datamaster-check.

Our drink driving solicitors will listen, advise and, in some cases, console you. But we will also give you our honest, no nonsense, straight talking advice. In addition below are some more details of the options we can offer you. Also, there’s a lot to read on this page. So if you would rather just pick up the phone and talk things through. Then please get in touch on Freephone 0800 1389 123 and speak to our drink driving solicitors today.

Discuss your options free of charge with one of the expert drink driving solicitors from the Geoffrey Miller team. Based in offices in London and Manchester, we deal with cases all over the UK. Therefore, whether you are due to appear in Southampton or Newcastle. Furthermore, we have a specialised team of motoring offence drink driving solicitors ready to deal with your case. In addition, customers can contact us day and night by real lawyers (not in a call centre). All of whom are experts in the field of motoring law with specific emphasis on drink drive cases. You may be put through directly to Managing Director, Jeanette Miller aka “Miss Justice” or a member of her highly skilled team.

What You Need to Know About a Drink Driving Offence

Our specialist drink driving solicitors have taken the time to answer your most important questions. Please read everything you need to know about your drink driving case below.

Is drink driving a criminal conviction?

Yes. The Magistrates’ Court or a Crown Court class anyone convicted of a drink driving offence as a criminal conviction.

How long does drink driving stay on your driving licence?

A drink driving conviction will appear on your driving record held by DVLA for a period of 11 years from the date of the conviction. This is partly because of the laws on spent convictions. But also because of the rules about repeat offenders. If your convicted of another relevant offence (drink driving, drug driving or failing to provide a specimen), within 10 years of the previous conviction. Therefore, you face much tougher penalties starting with a minimum disqualification of 3 years.

When does a drink driving conviction become spent?

Rules on spent convictions are in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. When a conviction is “spent” it means that you would not have to declare it when asked the question. “Do you have any criminal convictions?”. Because, not all convictions are spent after the same period of time. So, a conviction becomes spent at the end of the longest of:

  • Eleven years for disqualification for drink driving/drug driving/failing to provide a sample
  • Four years from the date of the offence when penalty points are imposed
  • Four years from the date of conviction when a driving disqualification (other than for drink/drug related offences) is imposed
  • One year after the date of conviction when a fine was imposed
  • One year after the end of a community order
  • Two years after the end of a custodial sentence of 6 months or less (including licence period)
  • Four years after the end of a custodial sentence of over six months to 30 months (including licence period)
  • Seven years after the end of a custodial sentence of over 30 months to 48 months
  • NEVER for a custodial sentence of more than 48 months

If two or more criteria could apply to your situation. The longest period would apply e.g., drink driving disqualification (eleven years) and a fine (one year). Your conviction becomes spent after eleven years because this is the longest period.

Also, the courts treat fixed penalty notices in the same way as convictions.

What is the fine for drink driving?

The fine for drink driving was capped to a maximum of £5000 up until 2015. However, the courts abolished this cap to hit the wealthier motorists where it hurts! An offender’s net income reference calculates the fine. For drink driving, a motorist’s net weekly income of 1.5 times could pay for the drink driving fine. As a result, if you earn 1 million net income per year your fine could arguably be £28,846.15!

What happens if your caught drink driving?

The police can require you to provide a roadside breath test at the roadside. Consequently, if they form the opinion that you have committed a road traffic offence. And if they form a reasonable suspicion that you are driving under the influence of alcohol. They do not have to have formed a reasonable suspicion of intoxication. Also, it is routine to require a roadside breath test if involved in a road traffic accident. Even if you appear to be stone cold sober.

If you fail, or are unable to do a roadside breath or saliva test. The police will usually arrest you and take you to a local police station or hospital if you have an injury. The police will carry out the procedures for obtaining an evidential alcohol test. Usually a breath alcohol calculation (BAC) if taken to the police station and blood or urine is usually collected if taken to hospital. Also, the police can require a blood or urine sample at a police station. This is less common and you have no right to insist on a blood or urine test in place of a breath test.

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