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From 1st January 2015 until 31st December 2017

We defended a total of 106 blood drink and drug driving cases to conclusion.

We WON 98% of our Drink Driving Blood Test cases!

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Our successfully defended blood drink driving cases in 2017 comprised of a massive variance of alcohol readings:

Specimen type in successfully defended casesHighest alcohol ReadingAverage alcohol Reading
Blood192mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood142mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood
drink driving penalty 2017

Drink Driving Penalty

You may assume or have been told that defending a drink driving blood test case is futile and be resigned to accepting the charge and all of the consequences that follow. Whether you risk the loss of your livelihood, home or freedom, we urge you not to give up as we are likely to have the solution to resolve the nightmare you face. As you will see from our results, our offering to secure the contrary position is something we urge you to seriously consider.

Whilst no litigation can ever be certain, our involvement in a drink driving blood test cases has led to extremely high success rates. By success, we mean not guilty verdict. That means no disqualification; no fine; no criminal record!

YearOur Results
2012This was the first year we began to track our results depending on the type of sample the police had taken.We had a total of 33 blood cases conclude in 2012. They comprised of 32 Magisrates’ Court cases and 1 Appeal case in the Crown Court.We won 33 out of 33 achieving a 100% success rate.8 cases were discontinued before the trial date itself. 25 were won at court.
2013Having published our phenomenal successes of the previous year, we saw a significant increase in the number of clients who chose to defend the blood drink driving charge they faced.We had a total of 56 blood drink driving cases conclude in 2013.We won 52 out of 56 and lost 4 trials. This equated to a 93% success rate.10 were discontinued before the trial itself and 42 were won at court.
2014We dealt with a total of 43 blood drink driving cases that were concluded.We won a total of 40 of these cases and lost 3 cases. Again this equates to a 92% success rate.We have seen an increase in the number of cases that were discontinued before trial as 14 of the successfully defended cases were dropped before the trial date.
2015We defended a total of 31 blood drink and drug driving cases that were concluded. We won 100% of these cases so that all 31 clients were found NOT GUILTY.  7 of our cases were discontinued before the trial itself, 9 cases were withdrawn on the day of trial before the case got underway and 15 clients were acquitted after the prosecution had presented their case but we had achieved so much damage by that point that the cases were thrown out. Only 1 case had to be fought via a full trial with our client giving evidence.
2016The law changes of 2015 resulted in a massive decline in blood drink driving cases in 2016. However, the introduction of the drug driving offence in 2015 also resulted in a significant increase in drug drive charges that we were entrusted to defend. We defended a total of 40 cases involving a blood sample. This comprised of 28 blood drug driving cases and 12 blood drink driving cases that were concluded. We won 100% of the drink driving cases and lost 1 drug driving trial so that 39 clients were found NOT GUILTY. 7 of our cases were discontinued before the trial itself, 27 cases were withdrawn on the day of trial before the case got underway and 3 clients were acquitted after the prosecution had presented their case but we had achieved so much damage by that point that the cases were thrown out. Only 2 cases had to be fought via a full trial with our client giving evidence.

Hopefully, our results demonstrate how our expert involvement in your own case is highly likely to result in your being found NOT GUILTY.

What is the UK blood alcohol limit?

The UK blood alcohol limit is 80mg in 100ml of blood. This is one of the highest blood alcohol legal limits in Europe with both Scotland and Ireland reducing the blood alcohol limits to 50mg to fall in line with the rest of Europe in recent years.

Drink Driving Blood Test Scenarios

There are a number of scenarios where you will be requested or offered the opportunity to provide a blood sample to the police following a drink-driving arrest.

  • You are unable to provide a breath sample because of medical reasons;
  • There is no breath testing machine available at the police station;
  • The breath test machine was faulty or the results inconclusive; or
  • You were taken to a hospital rather than a police station.

Typically it takes the police around six weeks to have the drink driving blood sample analysed. If the result is more than 80 mg then you will face a charge. Unlike the position with the breath reading which is slightly over the limit and the police have some discretion to release without charge, there is no such discretion with a blood sample that is marginally over the drink drive limit.

Once charged you will be bailed to attend court for the first court hearing where you will be expected to enter your plea of guilty or not guilty.

Most people who instruct us to represent them in drink driving blood test cases do so before they are charged pursuant to our standby instruction option. Whilst it can be tempting to wait and see whether you will be charged, we find that by placing your instructions with us at this early stage, we believe this gives our client the best chances of securing a not guilty verdict at a later date.

No two drink-driving case strategies will be the same because every case is different. However, Geoffrey Miller Solicitors have developed a cascade of successful defence strategies unique to the firm. Drink driving blood sample cases are our speciality. If your licence and record are important to you we urge you to get in touch and let us advise on how we believe we can achieve the right result for you.

†Figures include successful appeals and exclude cases lost that are the subject of appeal as at 21 December 2017.

Not Sure What to Do About Your Drink Driving Blood Case?

Most people who get in touch with our team of motor offence expert solicitors are uncertain of their options. They are unaware of any legal defences that may be available and find it difficult to believe that it might be possible to defend the drink driving blood test offence charge they face by using loopholes that apply to the rich and famous! We do represent celebrities but we also represent many hardworking motorists like Brian and we want to help you make the right choice about what you do next.

We are always more than happy to chat things through with potential clients Free of Charge. Call us now on Freephone 0800 1389 123 to speak to one of our specialist motoring offence solicitors. It is only once you decide to instruct us that payment will become necessary and we can often arrange installment plans to assist you. Many satisfied clients have thanked us for offering this free consultation service as it has prevented them from following inaccurate non-expert advice which could have led to them accepting a driving ban unnecessarily.

If you would like to spend more time browsing on the site before you get in touch, make sure you have a look at our specialist motor offence guidance features such as our drink driving ban calculator which will help you to determine the penalty you may face if convicted and our money saving calculator which helps to outline some of the hidden costs of accepting a conviction.

We think we are simply the best in the business but if you are not satisfied in taking our word for it, our unique “ask our clients” testimonials scheme allows you to contact previous clients of the firm to seek a completely independent reference about us and what we might be able to do for you.

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“I was charged with drink driving, but the roadside reading and the final result at the police station were remarkably different. I located Geoffrey Miller Solicitors on the internet and they advised me that the case was worth fighting and I decided to proceed. I was cleared of any wrong doing in the appeal court. The barrister was superb throughout as were the staff at Geoffrey Millers…” Read More

Andrew Quinn Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Ban Appealed

“When I was arrested and charged I thought I had no chance. Tried another solicitors first and felt so down. Geoffrey Miller were brilliant from the start and got a brilliant result. Very very happy and can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you!”

Anonymous 45 Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Not Guilty

“My previous solicitor told me to plead guilty and face a reduced sentence. Frankly I found the advice given was ludicrous as I believed the test results were wrong, so I did some research and found Geoffrey Miller Solicitors. I spoke to Jeanette Miller for over 45 minutes and she thought I had a case. The result, as predicted, was that the Judge dismissed the case and I was free to get on with my life thanks to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors…” Read More

Mr Danny Wilde Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Case Dismissed

“I can honestly say, hand on heart, that through every step of this harrowing experience the support, guidance and advice has been second to none. My fantastic caseworker, well what can I say the sheer amount of guidance and work he put into my case I think speaks for itself. My case was dropped and I was acquitted. I would very highly recommend this company…” Read More

Ms D.L Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Case Dropped

“I didn’t even consider entering a not guilty plea as didn’t think these charges were able to be challenged. Geoffrey Miller were fantastic the whole way through. So reassuring and knowledgeable at what they do. My life would have changed dramatically had I not challenged my charge by following their sound advice. Eternally grateful…”Read More

Mr Prosser Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“For your money, you get an incredible amount of personal and legal support and the best representation. When I felt all was lost, Geoffrey Miller gave me hope and the opportunity to hear those precious words “case dismissed”. Great service, money well spent and I can get on with my life which has been on hold. Thank you Geoffrey Miller!…”Read More

Ms Samantha Stacey Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Case Discontinued

“My case related to driving with excess alcohol levels. From the point of contact with Geoffrey Millers I was assured that they could handle my case. I was given all relevant pros and cons of pleading guilty or not guilty and felt confident after my consultation that I wanted the firm to handle my case and my case was successfully appealed…”Read More

Mark B Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Case Thrown Out

“I blew 93 at the police station for Drink Driving. After requesting a call back with Geoffrey Miller Solicitors, within 5 minutes Jeanette Miller (The Managing Director herself) called me back and took over 40 minutes of her time on a Sunday evening explaining my options. They secured my acquittal. I honestly cannot thank the team enough! ”Read More

Anonymous 37 Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“I believed my case was a ‘no hoper’, until I carried out some online research and came across the Geoffrey Miller Solicitors web site and read some of their case results and outcomes. They are professional, thorough, emphatic, supportive and I would recommend them to any unfortunate who winds up with an offence the way I did… ”Read More

Sydney King Failing to Provide a Specimen Testimonial
Failing to Provide a Specimen / Acquitted

“To anybody out there who is in trouble for a driving offence I would urge in the strongest terms possible to instruct this firm. They were quite simply incredible. They never gave up, fought the case brilliantly and secured my acquittal in a masterful way. Just incredible. Don’t go anywhere else – this is the one and only firm. Absolutely brilliant!!… Read More

Anonymous 31 Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“My car was not drivable and i was charged with both drink driving and drunk in charge after a reading of 103. My job means that losing my license would not only impact me but also a number of people who rely on me to drive. I was represented by someone who seemed to genuinely care. With the correct strategy my case ended with an acquittal… Read More

James Drink Driving Testimonial 2
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“Wow what a result! Without a doubt I can honestly say Geoffrey Miller Solicitors is worth every penny and more. Their professional team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep me up-to-date every step of the way. I really cannot recommend Geoffrey Miller’s highly enough! They’re completely different to any other Solicitors. Read More

Mr James Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“Not sure where to start… But, thank you. You held my hand through the 9 months and I couldn’t have asked for more. Your team did a very awesome job and the selected advocate’s performance brilliant. They all have played an amazing part and have made me have a smile even while writing this. Kudos Geoffrey Miller Solicitors! Read More

Kobey Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“After a sleepless night, I searched the internet for help and contacted three law firms. Geoffrey Miller was the fastest to get back to me, the most reassuring and professional by far. Having met with solicitor Tara Boyle, I knew they would do the best for me. I was acquitted. I cannot recommend them enough… Read More

Anonymous 18 Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are outstanding. From the first day I called them about my accusation of drink driving, they calmed me down and helped me each step of the way. The barrister at my trial was first class, delivered the verdict I was hoping for and saved my driving licence. Would recommend to anyone else in the same situation… Read More

Mr Mead Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“I was arrested for drink driving and blew over the legal limit at the roadside. After speaking with Geoffrey Miller Solicitors, I knew that this was the company I wanted to fight my corner. I cannot thank them enough for their expertise, time and care in helping me through a terrible time. I would recommend them without any hesitation… Read More

Mr Lee Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Case Dropped

“Geoffrey Miller Solicitors were brilliant handling my drink driving case. Geoffrey Miller Solicitors calmed me straight away, were professional in their service. They were fully informative at all times and in the court room got the best possible result they could have with a ban reduced. An excellent service all round!… Read More

Anonymous 16
Drink Driving / Ban Reduced

“I obviously cannot thank you enough. I was told by a top criminal London lawyer when I was charged that there was no point in challenging this. You have done exactly what you said you would do and it is clear your drink driving success rates are hard earned and not just fantasy. Very many thanks to you and all your team involved!… Read More

Anonymous 15
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“Facing a tough drink driving case, GM were able to structure, manage and execute a winning argument and gain a result at the end. The service from start to finish, was second-to-none. I would recommend anyone to use Geoffrey Miller if they need a law firm who really does care about each case and most importantly gets results… Read More

Mr Whitehouse
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“After being wrongly charged with drink driving I knew I needed help. From start to finish Geoffrey Miller Solicitors explained why the charges would not stand up to their scrutiny. The whole sorry saga played out exactly as outlined in my first conversation with Jeanette Miller. These guys really know what they are doing!… Read More

Mr J
Drink Driving / Case Thrown Out

“After one phone call with Geoffrey Miller Solicitors I was immediately more confident and it felt like a weight off my shoulders. All charges against me were dropped and I was acquitted. I would highly recommend Geoffrey Miller Solicitors to anyone who has found themselves in any trouble related to a drink driving offence… Read More

Mr M
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“From the very first time I spoke to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors. I knew this was THE ONLY firm that was really listening and understood my problem. Without Geoffrey Miller I would not be where I am today, acquitted. If you are serious about defending your motoring offence then Geoffrey Miller are the only firm to represent you… Read More

Mr R Raj
Drink Driving / Acquitted


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