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Our Drink Driving Solicitors have specialist experience defending all types of drink driving offences. With our very high success rates, our specialist drink driving solicitors are highly skilled professionals of drink driving law. Even if you think you are guilty of the drink driving offence. It is very likely there will be a valid and lawful defence to the drink drive charge. Our drink driving solicitors will be able help you. Do not mistakenly assume that your only option is to plead guilty and accept the driving ban. Call our team of expert drink driving law solicitors for free initial advice on Freephone 08000 85 27 84. For more details of our drink drive offence successes please check out our annual motoring offence trials results.

Do you want to talk to the Drink Driving Solicitors who from 1st January 2015 until 31st December 2016…

WON 100% of our Blood Drink Driving cases!

WON 100% of our Urine Drink Driving cases!

from 1st January 2016 until 31st December 2016…

WON 100% of our Fail to Provide a Specimen cases!

WON 96% of our Blood Drug Driving cases!

WON 91% of our Breath Drink Driving cases!

And achieved an overall 95% success rate in securing NOT GUILTY verdicts in our drink driving and drug driving related trials

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Drink Driving Penalty

This may be the first time you have been faced with any kind of prosecution. We understand how you probably feel right now. Please get in touch with our team of expert drink driving lawyers for a free consultation. Geoffrey Miller drink driving solicitors are the UK’s most well respected expert drink driving solicitors. With particular expertise in drink driving cases involving blood and urine samples. We have expert knowledge of any of the three breathalysers in use across the country’s police stations. The Intoximeter EC/IR; Lion Intoxilyser 6000 UK or Camic Datamaster-check, the printout the police should have offered to you for details of which drink driving device you were breathalysed on.

drink driving solicitorsOur drink driving solicitors will listen, advise and, in some cases, console you. But we will also give you our honest, no nonsense, straight talking advice. Below are some more details of the options we can offer you. There’s a lot to read on this page. So if you would rather just pick up the phone and talk things through, then please get in touch on Freephone 08000 85 27 84 and speak to our drink driving solicitors today.

You can discuss your options free of charge with one of the expert drink driving solicitors from the Geoffrey Miller team, based in offices in London and Manchester. We deal with cases all over the UK, so whether you are due to appear in Southampton or Newcastle. We have a specialised team of motoring offence drink driving solicitors ready to deal with your case. Our phones are manned throughout the day and night by real lawyers (not in a call centre). All of whom are experts in the field of motoring law with specific emphasis on drink drive cases. You may be put through directly to Managing Director, Jeanette Miller aka “Miss Justice” or a member of her highly skilled team.

Call now and speak to one of our specialist drink driving solicitors for a free consultation about your drink drive offence on Freephone 08000 85 27 84.

What You Need to Know About a Drink Driving Offence

Our drink driving solicitors answer your questions

Our specialist drink driving solicitors have taken the time to answer your most important questions. Please read everything you need to know about your drink driving case below.

Is drink driving a criminal conviction?

Yes, any offence that you are convicted of in a Magistrates’ Court or a Crown Court is classed as a criminal conviction. This includes minor speeding offences and more serious drink driving offences.

How long does drink driving stay on your driving licence?

A drink driving conviction will appear on your driving record held by DVLA for a period of 11 years from the date of the conviction. This is partly because of the laws on spent convictions. But also because of the rules about repeat offenders. If you are convicted of another relevant offence (drink driving, drug driving or failing to provide a specimen), within 10 years of the previous conviction. You face much tougher penalties starting with a minimum disqualification of 3 years.

When is a drink drive conviction spent?

Rules on spent convictions are contained in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. When a conviction is “spent” it means that you would not have to declare it when asked the question. “Do you have any criminal convictions?”. Not all convictions are spent after the same period of time. A conviction becomes spent at the end of the longest of:

When A Drink Driving Conviction Becomes Spent
Eleven years for disqualification for drink driving/drug driving/failing to provide a sample
Four years from the date of the offence when penalty points are imposed
Four years from the date of conviction when a driving disqualification (other than for drink/drug related offences) is imposed
One year after the date of conviction when a fine was imposed
One year after the end of a community order
Two years after the end of a custodial sentence of 6 months or less (including licence period)
Four years after the end of a custodial sentence of over six months to 30 months (including licence period)
Seven years after the end of a custodial sentence of over 30 months to 48 months
NEVER for a custodial sentence of more than 48 months

If two or more criteria could apply to your situation. The longest period would apply e.g., drink driving disqualification (eleven years) and a fine (one year). Your conviction would be spent after eleven years because this is the longest period.

Fixed penalty notices are treated in the same way as convictions imposed through the courts.

What is the fine for drink driving?

Up until 2015, the fine for drink driving was capped to a maximum of £5000. However, the cap was abolished to enable the courts to hit the wealthier motorists where it hurts! Fines are calculated by reference to an offender’s net income. For drink driving, if a fine is to be imposed, it is usually 1.5 times a motorist’s net weekly income. If you earn £1 million net income per year your fine could arguably be £28,846.15!

What happens when you get caught drink driving?

The police can require you to provide a roadside breath test at the roadside. If they form the opinion that you have committed a road traffic offence. And if they form a reasonable suspicion that you are driving under the influence of alcohol. They do not have to have formed a reasonable suspicion of intoxication. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, it is routine to require a roadside test. Even if you appear to be stone cold sober.

If you fail, or are unable to do a roadside breath or saliva test. The police will usually arrest you and take you to a local police station or hospital if you have been injured. This is to carry out the procedures for obtaining an evidential alcohol test. This is usually a breath alcohol calculation (BAC) if taken to the police station and blood or urine is usually collected if taken to hospital. The police can also require blood or urine at a police station, but this is less common and you have no right to insist on a blood or urine test in place of a breath test.

The police will require two breath tests from you, on an evidential breath testing instrument (EBTI). But it’s the lower of the two readings that is treated as the evidential reading that is used against you in the prosecution through the courts. If there is a large discrepancy between the two readings. Usually more than 15% difference. Then the police are likely to require an alternative sample of blood or urine. This will replace the breath test which will be considered inaccurate. Also, the police could insist on a blood or urine test if you suffer with respiratory or other illness that would make it impossible for you to provide a sample. Or, if the EBTI is malfunctioning in some way.

If you provide a breath test of 40µg or above, you will face a charge for drink driving. Whilst the legal limit is set at 35µg, the police have a discretion to let you walk free without charge if you blow 39µg. After you have blown 40µg or above you will be bailed to attend court. Most likely 1 week to 10 days from the charge date when you will have to attend and enter your plea.

Will I be interviewed by the police?

The police do not normally interview a suspect arrested for drink driving, unless there is a concern on their part that they have insufficient evidence. For example, they did not see you drive. They may want to interview you if you have claimed to have drunk alcohol AFTER driving. Because this could form the basis of a common factual “hip-flask” defence. They will want to calculate your alcohol levels based on what you tell them you had to drink and when (a back calculation). If the numbers do not add up, or even if they do, the police are still likely to charge you and it will be for you to persuade a court of the truthfulness of your account of alcohol consumption.

What if a blood or urine test is needed?

If a blood or urine test is required, further complex police procedures must be followed. You will not face charge until the sample you provide has been analysed as over the limit. Usually, the analysis will take between 4 to 6 weeks. You will be bailed to attend the police station for charge, when the result of the sample analysis has been communicated to the police as being over the drink drive limit. If the sample comes back under the limit, you will face no charge for drink driving.

Can I still drive before my drink driving court date?

You can continue to drive unless a bail condition is imposed to prohibit you from driving prior to your court date. It is extremely rare for such a bail condition to be imposed unless there are medical concerns. Such as a suspicion of a blackout at the wheel. This means that you should be able to continue to drive as normal until pleading guilty or being found guilty following a trial.

We strongly recommend getting in touch with our drink driving solicitors before your first court date. So that we can explain your options. Even if you think the drink driving charge you face is “open and shut,” it is highly likely that we will be able to challenge the prosecution.

How much can you drink before driving or how many units can you drink before driving?

The safest answer to this is you shouldn’t drink anything before driving. However, if you want to know how much would be the legal drink drive limit? You would have to consider a number of factors such as what drink you were consuming and when you were drinking. There are also other factors to consider that relate to your metabolism and the rate of elimination of alcohol from your system. Deciding on how much to drink before driving, based on units is dangerous. It does not take into account how much you ate, which can massively affect elimination rates. It is also risky to assume a safe amount of alcohol without also considering your height, weight, sex. An 8 stone, 5 foot female could be over the limit after drinking a small glass of wine, especially if she had not eaten anything all day.

Do you get a criminal record for drink driving?

Yes, you receive a criminal record for any conviction. Even a minor motoring conviction would be classed as a criminal record. However, most organisations that ask you to disclose details of criminal convictions such as prospective employers tend to exclude minor motoring matters that carry penalty points.

What are the penalties for drink driving?

The minimum penalty for drink driving is a 12 month disqualification and a fine the equivalent to 1.5 weeks’ net earnings. You would also have to pay court costs (£100-520 depending on at what stage you are convicted) and a victim surcharge. The maximum penalty is a prison sentence of 6 months but our drink driving solicitors have NEVER had a client sent to prison for drink driving alone.

But I Only Had 2 Pints?

Clients who contact us often don’t appreciate the fact that your alcohol levels will be dependent on many factors. The alcohol content of your drinks is only one of these. Your height, weight and waist measurements along with the times of your drinks. Also, what you had to eat are also crucial factors. If your reading was borderline with the drink drive limit, it is likely that you will have been offered a second test of either blood or urine. If you are waiting for test results or have been charged with drink driving following a blood or urine test. We strongly recommend you take a look at our page dealing with borderline and hospital cases and get in touch with our Drink Driving Solicitors immediately. It could be life changing free advice from our team of expert drink driving solicitors.

Pleading Guilty to a Drink Driving Offence

The penalties for drink driving offences can be far reaching. Please take a look at our drink driving penalty calculator for more specific details of the penalty you could be facing for a drink driving conviction. The penalty will be based on the level of your breath, blood or urine reading along with other factors and in particular whether you have a previous conviction for an excess alcohol offence within the last 10 years.

Whilst many people understand that the minimum penalty for drink driving is a 12 month ban (or 3 years ban for a repeat drink driving offender). Many drivers do not realise how a drink driving conviction can also mean:

  • The loss of your job;
  • The possibility of undergoing medical examinations before you can drive again;
  • Attendance on a drink driver’s rehabilitation course;
  • A possible prison sentence (although this is reserved for repeat drink driving offenders or those who have been found to be several times over the drink driving limit) ;
  • Visa restrictions (particularly in terms of entry to the USA and Australia) check out Jeanette Miller’s blog on confused.com for more details about this problem ; and
  • A criminal record with the conviction for drink driving remaining on your licence for 11 years. If you are a professional (doctor/accountant/solicitor) you will most likely have to report the conviction to your regulatory body

If you have already decided that you wish to plead guilty then our Drink Driving Solicitors offer a cost effective fixed fee “damage limitation” service for pleading guilty to drink driving cases. Even though we cannot avoid the mandatory 12 months driving ban for those who plead guilty. We are likely to persuade the court to exercise leniency with the penalty they impose. We often secure driving bans of less than the guidelines suggest by presented thoroughly prepared mitigation arguments.

Pleading guilty is not your only option though so please keep reading. Or better still, get in touch on Freephone 08000 85 27 84 to discuss your options free of charge with an expert drink driving solicitor at Geoffrey Miller Solicitors. Our phones are manned 24 hours by real lawyers (not in a call centre) all of whom are experts in drink driving offence cases.

Pleading Not Guilty to a Drink Driving Offence

If you know that you wish to challenge the prosecution. It is essential that you contact our team of drink driving solicitors at the earliest opportunity. Preferably well in advance of your first court hearing. Much of the crucial police evidence in your drink driving case could be destroyed fairly soon after your original arrest. If a specific request for it to be preserved is not made immediately.

We will want to set to work straight away on preparing your defence for drink driving. This may involve contacting witnesses, viewing CCTV, requesting inspection facilities of the machine that you gave your reading on. Many of which are horrifically unreliable. Instructing drink driving toxicologist experts; forensic medical examiners… the list goes on. We won’t know exactly what work (and cost) is going to be involved in your case. Until you make contact with us so please call us now on Freephone 08000 85 27 84. Our team of specialist drink driving solicitors will be glad to discuss your options free of charge. Our phones are manned 24 hours a day by real lawyers (not in a call centre) all of whom are experts in defending drink driving offences.

If you defend a drink drive prosecution you will be allowed to continue to drive and your driving licence would only be affected by a ban if you are convicted. Our statistics show that the chances of you avoiding a ban are extremely high. Because we win the majority of the drink driving cases we defend.

If you have spoken to other drink driving solicitors before us. You may have been advised that there is nothing that can be done to help you with your drink drive offence. This advice is often given because the solicitor who gave the advice is not a true expert in drink driving law. With their limited knowledge of drink driving cases, they think there is nothing that can be done. If your GP told you that you had a brain tumour and there was nothing that could be done to help you. Would you leave it at that? Of course not! You would most likely ask for a second opinion from a brain surgeon. Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are the brain surgeons of drink driving law! In addition to Miss Justice herself, our team consists of several experienced motoring solicitors. All of whom undergo intensive ongoing training and development. So that we are able to develop new strategies and defences for all of our clients.

There are also other firms out there who have sought to copy our model. In fact, some of the pages of their websites have been created from Geoffrey Miller’s own literature and previous website content. Whilst we acknowledge that when a competitor copies us in this way, it is the best form of flattery, BEWARE! Those who lack originality in their marketing, and website design will undoubtedly lack the strategic flair and legal knowledge our Drink Driving Solicitors team applies to case preparation. Make sure you appoint the right drink driving solicitors. Because this could be the difference between a driving ban or a NOT GUILTY verdict.

Call us now on Freephone 08000 85 27 84, to see how our drink driving solicitors can save you from the extreme hardship that a drink drive conviction can cause.

Punishment for a Drink Driving Offence

Up to £5,000 fine, up to 6 months imprisonment and a minimum period of a year of mandatory disqualification. If you have a previous conviction for a alcohol related offence within the last 10 years, there is a minimum of 3 years disqualification.

We have a particular specialism for repeat offender scenarios and have never had any client of the firm sent to prison for a repeat drink driving offence or even a first time offence with a high reading.

Please use our drink driving penalty calculator for a more accurate idea of the penalty you face for drink driving. Call us now on Freephone 08000 85 27 84 for a free consultation with a drink driving solicitor or contact us by email.

Non-Legal Help For Drink Driving

You may be innocent of the drink driving charge you face. Or the prosecution for drink driving may be the wake up call you need to force you to seek help from professionals in the field of addiction recovery. We are supporters of the charity Addiction Today who have an extensive directory of treatment and rehab providers on their site.

We also work with a number of rehab providers abroad including the Malvern Institute.

Drink Driving Limits In Europe

jeanette miller drink driving solicitorsWe are not experts in foreign motoring law. But can point you in the right direction of a suitable expert abroad if you require advice on the drink drive law and other motoring law procedures in Europe.

In July 2012, the French introduced a new requirement to carry hand held breathalyser kits on board at any time when you drive in France. Check out Managing Director, Jeanette Miller, discussing this issue on BBC Breakfast.

Figures include successful appeals and exclude cases lost that are the subject of appeal as at 23 December 2016.

Not Sure What to Do About Your Drink Driving Offence?

Most people who get in touch with our drink driving solicitors are uncertain of their options. They are unaware of any defences that may be available and find it difficult to believe that, it might be possible to defend the drink driving charge. You may find the possibility of having to plead guilty inconceivable, because you simply don’t know how you will manage without your driving licence. You may find it equally difficult to grasp how it could be possible to defend the drink driving case.

In the majority of cases we are unable to tell you if you have a case worth defending until we can look into the specifics of your case in more depth. We offer a priority investigative option to all clients facing drink drive related offences. Which means that if you are unsure if you have a defence or if you have been told by another solicitor that you have no defence but we think otherwise. Our team of drink drive solicitors will consider the evidence in your case and take a full statement from you. They will then provide you with their expert opinion and the merits in defending your drink driving case or pleading guilty. As we can conduct this option for a relatively low cost fixed fee it means that you are not committed to spending significant fees. In order to establish if there is any way of defending the offence. We think we are the best drink drive solicitors in the UK. Take a look at our case study and testimonial of Mr. Malcomson, a client who transferred to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors after becoming unhappy with his supposed expert drink driving solicitors. See what a difference our expert drink drive offence solicitors can make to the outcome of a case.

If you would prefer to call us rather than trawl through the pages on our website. We are always more than happy to chat things through with potential clients Free of Charge. It is only once you decide to instruct us that payment will become necessary and we can arrange installment plans to assist you. Many satisfied clients have thanked us for offering this consultation service as it has prevented them from following inaccurate non-expert legal advice. Which could have led to them accepting a drink drive ban unnecessarily.

Take a look at our specialist motor offence guidance features such as our drink driving ban calculator which will help you to determine the penalty you may face. We think we are simply the best in the business but if you are not satisfied in taking our word for it. Our unique “ask our clients” testimonials scheme allows you to contact previous clients of the firm. Here you can seek a completely independent reference about us and what we might be able to do for you.

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“Not sure where to start… But, thank you. You held my hand through the 9 months and I couldn’t have asked for more. Your team did a very awesome job and the selected advocate’s performance brilliant. They all have played an amazing part and have made me have a smile even while writing this. Kudos Geoffrey Miller Solicitors! Read More

Kobey Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“Wow what a result! Without a doubt I can honestly say Geoffrey Miller Solicitors is worth every penny and more. Their professional team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep me up-to-date every step of the way. I really cannot recommend Geoffrey Miller’s highly enough! They’re completely different to any other Solicitors. Read More

Mr James Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“After a sleepless night, I searched the internet for help and contacted three law firms. Geoffrey Miller was the fastest to get back to me, the most reassuring and professional by far. Having met with solicitor Tara Boyle, I knew they would do the best for me. I was acquitted. I cannot recommend them enough… Read More

Anonymous 18 Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“I am grateful to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors for my favourable outcome after my case was thrown out of court. The impact of such a charge and conviction would have had far reaching and unfair effects for not only myself but my family and I could not be happier with the service and attention to detail provided. Many thanks… Read More

Mr J Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Case Discontinued

“I was arrested for drink driving and blew over the legal limit at the roadside. After speaking with Geoffrey Miller Solicitors, I knew that this was the company I wanted to fight my corner. I cannot thank them enough for their expertise, time and care in helping me through a terrible time. I would recommend them without any hesitation… Read More

Mr Lee Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Case Dropped

“Geoffrey Miller Solicitors were brilliant handling my drink driving case. Geoffrey Miller Solicitors calmed me straight away, were professional in their service. They were fully informative at all times and in the court room got the best possible result they could have with a ban reduced. An excellent service all round!… Read More

Anonymous 16
Drink Driving / Ban Reduced

“I was arrested for a drug driving offence, a blood sample was taken which read a high level of cannabis, after speaking with a representative of Geoffrey Miller decided to give them instructions to act on my behalf, everything was dealt with quickly and efficiently with acquittal being the final result… Read More

Mr Williams Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Case Thrown Out

“Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are outstanding. From the first day I called them about my accusation of drink driving, they calmed me down and helped me each step of the way. The barrister at my trial was first class, delivered the verdict I was hoping for and saved my driving licence. Would recommend to anyone else in the same situation… Read More

Mr Mead Drink Driving Testimonial
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“Geoffrey Miller Solicitors were excellent from start to finish. Inspiring hope from the first contact, advising all the way and I knew they would defend my drug driving case robustly. They delivered on their promise and exceeded all expectations. I would not be where I am today without their help. Thank you and thank you again… Read More

Anonymous 19 Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Case Thrown Out

“I was charged with driving whilst unfit through (prescription) drugs following a minor collision with another vehicle in a supermarket car park. I was found not guilty at trial. I was very happy with the firm’s expertise. The barrister at trial, was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone… Read More

D. Gallington Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Not Guilty

“This company could not of handled it better, I am absolutely blown away with the outcome, they use the best people you could ask. I would especially like to thank Vicky for helping me through each stage so professionally, and again the outcome. Very happy – would definitely recommend to anyone in the same or similar position… Read More

Anonymous 20 Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Acquitted

“I obviously cannot thank you enough. I was told by a top criminal London lawyer when I was charged that there was no point in challenging this. You have done exactly what you said you would do and it is clear your drink driving success rates are hard earned and not just fantasy. Very many thanks to you and all your team involved!… Read More

Anonymous 15
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“Having been charged with driving under the influence of Drugs. I engaged the services of Geoffrey Miller Solicitors and as a result have since been acquitted. I would not hesitate to recommend Geoffrey Miller Solicitors to anyone who finds themselves in any similar circumstance and consider the costs encountered the best value for money I have ever received… Read More

Anonymous 12 Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Acquitted

“From the very first time I spoke to Geoffrey Miller Solicitors. I knew this was THE ONLY firm that was really listening and understood my problem. Without Geoffrey Miller I would not be where I am today, acquitted. If you are serious about defending your motoring offence then Geoffrey Miller are the only firm to represent you… Read More

Mr R Raj
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“I’m absolutely delighted that I chose Geoffrey Miller to represent me, they are undoubtedly the best at what they do. At one point I thought the case in court was going to go terribly wrong but my barrister used his experience and expertise to deal with a Judge who didn’t like the way you guys work!!! But hey, we won the case… Read More

Mr M Fairbrother Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Case Dropped

“After one phone call with Geoffrey Miller Solicitors I was immediately more confident and it felt like a weight off my shoulders. All charges against me were dropped and I was acquitted. I would highly recommend Geoffrey Miller Solicitors to anyone who has found themselves in any trouble related to a drink driving offence… Read More

Mr M
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“I was arrested for drug driving and my blood sample came back as 3.5 times over the legal limit. At trial it only took 40 minutes for my lawyer they provided to get the judges to drop the case and get me acquitted. Overall the team provided an excellent service and i would recommend to anyone in a similar situation to me… Read More

Mr J Smith Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Acquitted

“I looked online and called a few solicitors who specialise in motoring offences. Jeanette was the most switched on and gave the best legal advice how to proceed. I felt confident instructing her. I got the best possible outcome and my plea of exceptional hardship was successful and I received a reduced fine. Really pleased… Read More

Mrs K
Totting Up / Ban Avoided

“Within one hour my call was returned by Jeanette Miller, the MD. Very impressive as it was the 27th Dec! She was able to calm and reassure me that it was quite possible to beat the charges laid against me. My two excellent barristers assigned to me were fantastic. I am very pleased to be able to say my case was dismissed and I was acquitted… Read More

Mr Anon Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Acquitted

“After being wrongly charged with drink driving I knew I needed help. From start to finish Geoffrey Miller Solicitors explained why the charges would not stand up to their scrutiny. The whole sorry saga played out exactly as outlined in my first conversation with Jeanette Miller. These guys really know what they are doing!… Read More

Mr J
Drink Driving / Case Thrown Out

“I am writing to express my intense and sincere gratitude for everything. Firstly, I thank you for allowing me to pay your fees, in installments. Secondly, many thanks for Victoria Brennan and my barristers. A team that worked seamlessly and tirelessly together, to achieve a phenomenal result in my favour. Top marks to them… Read More

Mr AO Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Acquitted

“Facing a tough drink driving case, GM were able to structure, manage and execute a winning argument and gain a result at the end. The service from start to finish, was second-to-none. I would recommend anyone to use Geoffrey Miller if they need a law firm who really does care about each case and most importantly gets results… Read More

Mr Whitehouse
Drink Driving / Acquitted

“My drug driving case despite appearing complex was handled with professionalism and expertise by all associated with Geoffrey Miller Solicitors. The case ran very smoothly and efficiently and it’s apparent that you and your case are at the forefront of everything that they are trying to achieve… Read More

Mr. H Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Acquitted

“Thank you very much to the incredible team of Geoffrey Millers Solicitors. Hiring this team was absolutely worth it. Thank you so much for saving me unnecessary embarrassment with this case and for saving me the ridiculousness of this trial. It was 1000x better knowing I had you on my side. I am truly appreciative… Read More

Carmella Kelly Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Case Dropped

“We chose Geoffrey Miller Solicitors after being recommended and doing some research. After making contact for the first time by phone, I found all of your staff very professional, sympathetic and very knowledgeable about the offence and really put my mind at rest. I would definitely recommend Geoffrey Miller Solicitors… Read More

Mr Wells Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Case Dropped

“I got charged for Drug Driving in May 2016 and rang every solicitor I could possibly find who specialised in this area of law. Some were good and others were ok but after speaking to Geoffrey Millers Solicitors I knew I had found a firm that was perfect for me. The main reason I chose them was due to their record of success… Read More

Mr A Drug Driving Testimonial
Drug Driving / Acquitted


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