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“Anyone, and possibly everyone at sometime in there life will make an error of judgement, be it through a stressful time period or for whatever reason it happens. Mine came about through my own fault in how I handled a relationship breaking up where I chose my children first. Forgetting to put myself into the equation. It ended with my driving home a mere two miles when I thought I’d be fine. Add lack of sleep, stress and then alcohol and there you have a toxic cocktail of additional misery. In my case I wrote off my car 400 yds from home and ended up in Hospital. The Authorities were brilliant and both caring and understanding yet of course there is a price to pay.

My solicitors in this firm immediately helped me gain perspective of what had happened and what could be done. Yes, this is an expensive exercise yet when balanced against what might have been it had to be something undertaken.

Be aware this is not a quick fix. There is no magic wand. There are no guarantees, yet I was acquitted with no case to answer. A better result I could not wish for and I have my life back again.

Has there been a lesson learned?
I did not kill anyone
I did not kill myself
I see my children
I retain my job
I can drive to my groups, friends and events
I can breath again

My thanks to Tara Boyle and my Barrister who were absolutely brilliant.

I told them all I knew truthfully and they came through for me.”Anonymous 27 - Hampshire

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