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Acquitted (at Appeal Hearing)

“If you’re reading this testimonial, like me 17 months ago, you’re probably in a bit of panic because you are facing the prospect of losing your licence. This was my second DD case in the last 10 years, so I was facing a 3 year ban as a minimum – an unimaginable consequence.

A brief background to my case. I was stopped by Police, less than 0.1m from my house, ‘allegedly’ speeding. The officer said she smelt alcohol on my breath and I went through the usual procedures. Fast forward 24 hours, I reached out to a close friend of mine who recommended Geoffrey Miller Solicitors, after he was in the same situation and had a successful result. From the first phone call with Geoffrey Miller they were clear, very transparent and incredibly professional about my case. They thoroughly explained the case strategy and kept me regularly updated.
Be warned my story is a long one….

Fast forward 4 months, I’m at the Magistrates’ court for my trial. Some of the officers didn’t turn up, the evidence they supplied were not originals, the CPS introduced evidence half way through the trial – there was just a catalogue of errors on behalf of the CPS. My barrister did an excellent job of defending my case, I was sure I would be found not guilty, but that wasn’t the case. Despite the lack of evidence I was still convicted. After conference with Geoffrey Miller, there was no doubt that I would appeal. At my sentencing hearing my Barrister did a sterling job of convincing the bench to suspend my driving ban pending the appeal. After the initial disappointment I almost gave up, but after discussions with Geoffrey Miller I understood clearly what our appeal strategy would be and had no hesitation after that point.

Fast forward 3 months at the Crown Court for my appeal. Again the officers don’t turn up and there was no new evidence provided by the prosecution. My barrister ran rings around the CPS Barrister resulting in the CPS conceding to the Judge that they would not contest the appeal, because they had insufficient evidence. Happy days right? WRONG. In an extraordinary turn, the Judge decides not to accept the request from the CPS. He sent the CPS Barrister to another court room, then from nowhere another CPS barrister comes into court and asks for an adjournment. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up!! The Judge at this trial showed so much bias, even the court clerks looked nervous. At this point I’m at a complete loss as to what to do. With this Judge my chances of success are little to none. After some more discussion with GM, I decided to pursue a Judicial Review. The actions of the Judge seemed so blatant I couldn’t see how this would be unsuccessful. The support, expertise and professionalism by GM at this point was nothing short of exceptional. I did not go through with the full Judicial Review as initial feedback from the QC was that it would not have benefited my case for various reasons. This was a hammer blow as I was now stuck with the prospect of going back to the Crown Court for what I thought would definitely be a negative result. I was given plenty of reassurance by GM that they were doing all they could to support my case.
Through the case GM were continually adjusting the case strategy up until my final trial. At my final trial I was represented by my barrister, who was the same barrister who achieved a positive outcome for my friend. The guy is an absolute genius at what he does, the end result was I was acquitted – against all odds considering the trial history. The 17 month nightmare finally over.

A few words of advice:
1) Please do not try and be a DIY lawyer or look for the cheapest law firm to represent you. I made that mistake many years ago with my first case and paid the price. GM have high success rates for a reason, I have no doubt that had I instructed GM many years ago I would not have been convicted, I doubt I would have even gone to trial.
2) This will not be a cheap process!! In truth – the amount money I’ve spent on this case, could probably have paid for 3 years’ worth of daily uber journeys. The potential affect this would have on my career and personal reputation would be unimaginable. The service and the quality from GM was worth every penny. I have absolutely no doubt about this.

In summary despite my case going from the Magistrates all the way to the High court and eventually back to the Crown court again. I never for one day had my driving licence taken away from me. A massive Thank You to all the team at GM who made this possible.”Mr Anon - London

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