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Mr H Drug Driving Testimonial 2

Drug Driving

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“I was charged with drug driving after being pulled over for speeding, the officer decided to test me for cannabis use, the swab came back positive and I was taken to the police station and then had blood taken.

At this point I was extremely nervous, I’d never even been in a police station and was very scared and unsure as to what would happen. I felt like I was banged to rights and that there was no hope, I would loose my licence, which in turn would have lost me my business, which relies on me traveling about including trips to America which would have been difficult with a criminal record and no licence. On top of this I am a big car fan and always have been, I regularly go to car shows and so my whole way of life would have changed drastically.

I initially would have pleaded guilty, i was surprised my results where over the limit as I hadn’t had much but it seemed an impossible task to try and challenge anything.

I then came across Geoffrey Miller’s website and was amazed by their statistics, I spoke with Tara Boyle and she was very knowledgeable and filled me with confidence.

Throughout the whole process Tara has been great and kept me informed with any progress, on the day of the trial I had a brilliant Barrister who is clearly at the top of his game and knows everything there is to know about law.

I am so delighted with the results and I can move on and upwards from here having learned a valuable lesson, Geoffrey Millers gave me a 2nd chance and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a motoring solicitor.

Thank you.”Mr H - Berkshire

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