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Mr J Drink Driving Testimonial

Drink Driving

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Drink Driving

Case Thrown Out

“After being wrongly charged with drink driving I knew I needed help. I hadn’t driven the vehicle but I was taking shelter in it from a heavy thunderstorm. Stupid of me I know, but when I was told what charges I faced, the police and Crown Prosecutors went for a charge of Drink Drive instead of Drunk In Charge. I was initially prepared to admit my mistake and admit I was in charge of the Vehicle – but then I knew I had to fight it when they accused me of driving the vehicle.

The Police had also found a tiny amount of Cannabis in my car which belonged to a friend I had been with earlier that day, and they charged me with possession of that too! I had no idea the Cannabis was in my vehicle, and it was so small I still couldn’t see it in the evidence bag I was shown during interview, and the police described it as ‘enough to make one joint with’.

From start to finish Geoffrey Miller Solicitors explained why the charges would not stand up to their scrutiny, and from that point on wards, the actions of the Crown Prosecution were exactly as predicted in our first phone call. It really was like they were reading the prosecutors minds and they knew what would happen next.

My case went to trial and the barrister Geoffrey Millers advised me to use was simply brilliant. When the prosecutor had finished presenting the case against me, my barrister destroyed every police witness, and every legal argument. The Judge agreed and ruled there was no case to answer. I can not easily describe the skill and professional way this case was handled by Geoffrey Millers, but suffice to say my barrister had the Prosecution against the ropes from day one, and they never recovered.

I would highly recommend using Geoffrey Miller Solicitors to fight your corner against any motoring offence charges you feel have been wrongly placed against you, not least because the whole sorry saga played out exactly as outlined in my first conversation with Jeanette Miller. These guys really know what they are doing!”Mr J - Humberside

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